Psychology meets mysticism; the relationship between Carl Jung, Consciousness and Egyptology.

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The word Archetype was coined by Swedish psychologist Carl Jung for that which can become manifest from the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is a unified field for all manifest and unmanifest potential of the human experience, thought to be inherited from ancestral memory, although it perhaps comes from a source that is beyond comprehension.

Simply put the collective unconscious is like a library where all potential lives, and it could be argued that the collective unconscious is actually a timeline of all existence past, present and future existing beyond the time/space continuum.

Microcosm / Macrocosm (Subjectivity / Objectivity in…

Learn how to tune out the noise of the mind and tap into the divine voice of your heart

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A spiritual practice is not always the stereotypical beads, mantra and meditation which the world has become inundated with. Someone who has never picked up a holy book, taken a yoga class or lived in a Himalayan ashram can just as easily connect to a divine force.

An admission of guilt on my behalf. When I started to meditate in 2010, I had the most profound experiences. This ranged from pure bliss, to out of body travel, and this all happened very quickly after starting. I had no idea that these experiences are quite rare for beginners and began to…

Implement these habits to create content that gets seen, helps your readers and inspires positive action

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There is something about the blank page, canvas or the artist’s easel of choice that can fill us with a silent sense of dread. But with a little reframing you can liken this feeling to the anxiety you would feel before jumping out of an airplane, competing in a sports event or getting ready to deliver a speech.

When we push through the painful barrier of resistance and see success on the other side, there is a deep feeling of satisfaction that penetrates deep into our soul.

Steven Pressfeild said it best in his book “The War Of Art” “The…

As an intro to this article, I want to honour all Mothers, no matter how they have birthed their children. This is a different perspective, which is the subjective opinion of the parents of a beautiful baby who made the conscious choice to birth in a non medicalised way.

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Our daughter Rose is 4 weeks old today and we birthed her in somewhat unusual circumstances, although for reasons I will share momentarily, we hope this becomes more common in time. We had what is called a “free lotus birth”. A free birth is an unassisted birth, without the aid of…

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@shotbycec via Twenty20

Between 2015–2019 I partnered with a high traffic website as co-owner and content manager. We published up to five articles daily, and I was responsible for writing, curating and managing other writers.

During this time the website went from 500k Facebook followers, to 1.7 million, and the traffic went from 500k visits a month, to a peak of nearly 10 million, finally averaging out at around four million monthly views.

I wrote about 600 articles, and had a front row seat to observe thousands of published articles. …

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I take words and turn them into art. Join me at WordMagic.Art to learn more.

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